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Tempo di Primavera dedicated to the excellence of craftsmen on the 2nd and 3rd of April 2022

After the success of Tempo di Natale 2021, Thiene Castle celebrates the spring awakening with Tempo di Primavera 2022.
50 exhibitors, selected from all over Italy, will meet in the halls of the Castle, the stables and the garden to meet the public and present their creations.
A large part of the exhibition therefore takes place indoors and is guaranteed even in the event of bad weather. 
The artisans present, selected by the curators Giovanna Poggi Marchesi and Stefania Barsoni, offer elegant ideas for the home, the person, leisure time, with particular attention to food and wine and the garden.
In the choice of participants, in addition to know-how, the focus is on historical research and the ability to innovate with the aim of emphasising, on the one hand, the Italian craft tradition and, on the other, presenting the surprising ability of our craftsmen to grasp fashions and trends by refreshing and rejuvenating age-old techniques.
The result is an ensemble that is at times visionary, perhaps beyond the realm of everyday reality, but wonderfully our own and imbued with beauty and relevance.
The aim of the exhibition market is also to bring quality craftsmanship closer to future generations with the intention of opening up new professional scenarios and ensuring the continuity of our extraordinary manufacturing tradition.
In this context, the castle is the ideal setting, becoming a patron of the arts and an enhancer of colours and shapes, welcoming the feverish daily activity with its wide-open arms, strong and ever-youthful, and within its historic walls slowing down time and allowing everyone to get to know new people and new artefacts.
An unmissable opportunity for those who love to give time to their choices, for those who love to understand how things are made, for those who want to get to know those who weave, cut and sew, cook, create and model clothes and jewellery, revisited materials or precious fabrics, for those who love craftwork, for those who want to be the protagonist of their purchases.
An event that transforms Thiene Castle into a large workshop and invites you to spend a day with the whole family in a unique setting. 
News 2022
the private chapel dedicated to the Nativity opens to host from 21 March to 10 April 2022, the work of textile art by Maria Anastasia Colombo "O crux, ave, spesa unica". the artist will be present on 2-3 April.
- thanks to the collaboration with D.ssa Stefania Barsoni, consultant for artistic craftsmanship projects and ambassador of the Wellmade project of the Cologni Foundation, prestigious Master Restorers will meet in the stables.
- in collaboration with Arte Laguna Prize and MoCa, a contemporary art prize with twenty years of experience, the horse gallery on the 1st floor opens for the exhibition of three of the finalist works for the 2021 edition. Movement is the protagonist of the three works, more direct in the sculpture by Anja Maria Strauss, where the natural component enchants with its ethereal movement, more discreet instead in the works by Dong Xing and Nolet de Brauwere, where the artist's gesture creates a dynamic cross-section on the pictorial support.
- students from the ITET Aulo Ceccato in Thiene, specializing in tourism, present the artist in the noblechapel and the artisans in the stables, becoming guides for two days.
- the presence of the craftsmen in the castle halls does not prevent the vision of the magnificent furnishings and spaces of the castle.
- by means of QR codes located at the various points of historical and artistic interest, visitors can download onto their smartphones and listen to the explanations of what they are seeing using their earphones, thus experiencing past and present in a single experience.
- the castle's ancient kitchen is dedicated to a taste exhibition area.
Zanco Food Project's refined service with its relaxation area in the castle courtyard allows unusual snacks to be enjoyed.
Date and time of the exhibition
Saturday 2 April 2022 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Sunday 3 April 2022 from 10 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.
Full price ticket: €8.00 for visitors aged 12 and over 
Courtesy ticket €0.50 for residents of Thiene with CARTA '60 and from 6 to 11 years.
Infoline - tel 338 3997644 Giovanna Poggi Marchesi
To enter you must show your green pass. The event will be held in compliance with anti-covidious regulations. NO booking is necessary.
Dogs are not allowed in the castle halls unless in a pet carrier.

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