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The Castle


The Castle of Thiene is considered the most notable 15th-century, Gothic building raised in the Vicenza area for civil use. It is an extraordinary example of a pre-Palladio villa, the only one of its kind and a benchmark in the evolution of the Veneto villa.


The most complete expression of the Veneto Villa in terms of architecture was made in the 16th century with the buildings of Andrea Palladio (1508 - 1580). He managed to synthesise the aesthetic and functional needs of a kind of villa that then remained essentially the same until the fall of the Venetian Republic in 1797. But Palladio did not invent the concept of the villa: he updated the forms this farming residence had taken on over the previous centuries.



The Castle associates the characteristics of a castle with those of a Venetian palazzo.

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In 1441 Francesco Porto senior inherited a large property holding from his father and uncle, mainly concentrated in Thiene, Marano and Malo - where the Porto had already bought much land in the 14th century - consequently he began raising this building in around 1450.

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The Halls

Period paintings, frescoes and furniture are kept intact in the castle rooms

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The Private Rooms

Book a visit to the ‘private rooms’ of the Castle to discover and better understand the life of the nobility in the past.

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The stables

This is certainly the most singular and lavish space in the whole monumental complex.

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Noble Chapel

The small monumental complex of the church dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, with oratory, sacristy and chaplain’s house, is in front of the Castle’s entry tower. It can be visited on request.

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The Park

The trasformation of the park through the years

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