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The private Archive at Thiene Castle

The ARCHIPORTO project

Thanks to a bank financing from Cariverona Foundation, the ARCHIPORTO project was born in 2016. It is a work of census, study, conservation, digitization, networking, enhancement of a part of the family archive kept at the Castle of Thiene, the beginning of 2020 became part of the network of the Vicenza Archives (

The goal is to create a territorial network project by first focusing on a collaboration of very different realities, which have joined together and are able to speak to different segments of the community. The challenge is to open and interrogate an archive "made of the past", embodying it in the present and means looking and thinking about the future in another way.

Public and private, universities and cultural centers, libraries and foundations cohesive for a common action on the territory.

The ARCHIPORTO project is still in progress, but every little step is something concrete and narratable. The group has launched a phase of study and disclosure of part of the archives present at the Castle of Thiene, the Porto fund, bound since 1972, pursuant to the T.U. Cultural Heritage, and declared of regional interest in 2006 - in the network of archives of Vicenza.

Among the reasons of interest of this documentation there is above all the chronological extension - we are talking about parchments and papers from a period between the eleventh and nineteenth centuries. But above all, the archive preserves precious data on the relationship between the environment, men and the landscape which are fundamental for strengthening community ties and promoting economic development.


If the project on one hand inserts the archive of the Castle of Thiene in the Vicenza archives network, adding a piece of narration, taking care of a piece of history, on the other it takes care of bringing to light stories and characters initially hidden, to bring them into a general and greater collective reflection on the importance of archives. Archiporto is producing an inventory census of the archive, restoration of documents in a precarious state of conservation, a collective work of valorisation, digitization, networking and communication of the archive and a card-game on stories, themes and figures main outputs from the cataloged documents, such as the proto-industry of the territory, the economic and political relations between Vicenza and the European courts but also some female figures little remembered over the centuries, but of great centrality.


👉 The Archiporto card game was born from the homonymous project.

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The TEAM of the ARCHIPORTO project


VILLA FABRIS FOUNDATION> operates in the sector of training and professional education relating to the field of restoration. Since 2008, he has managed the European Center for Heritage Crafts, born in 1976 on the initiative of the Council of Europe. (Giovanni Giuliari, Stefania Barsoni)

CASTELLO DI THIENE> is a monumental complex of great interest for the quality and quantity of historical, architectural and artistic elements that is preserved there. It is privately owned, but performs a public function as seen by the many activities and initiatives in which it participates and promotes. (Francesca di Thiene, Giacomo di Thiene)

BERTOLIAN CIVIC LIBRARY OF VICENZA since 1708 it is the public library of the city. Its collections contain more than 2,600 linear meters of archival documentation, half a million volumes, in part of great historical and bibliographic value, prints, maps, photos, multimedia. (Mattea Gazzola)

MeLaMedia Lab of the IUAV University of Venice> deals with research, experimentation and development in the field of multisensory interaction and new interfaces applied to the communication of cultural products. (Malvina Borgherini)

CENTRALE FIES> reworks artistic and cultural research for the development of services / products / strategies. It is aimed at those who want to use culture as an instrument and engine of innovation. (Virginia Sommadossi, Luca Melchionna, Elisa Di Liberato, Lorenzo Facchinelli)

The authorities mentioned above are supported by: Leonardo Granata - paleographer and scientific coordinator; Andrea Savio - historian, Sofia Stefani - archivist, Melania Zanetti and Carlo Federici teachers of Ca 'Foscari.

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