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A new face for Thiene Castle

Restoration work also completed on the characteristic 'Carpaccio' chimneys

The north façade is once again resplendent, as part of a ten-year plan for the conservation and enhancement of the monumental complex.
Restoration work on the north façade of the ancient fifteenth-century residence has been completed, a further important element in the broader project of restoration and ongoing maintenance on which the family of Thiene owners has been active for decades. In fact, a multi-year maintenance programme has been underway for some time now, aimed at preserving and enhancing the value of this historic villa, while at the same time allowing it to be used by the public and encouraging a revival of both national and international tourism that benefits the entire community.
The project includes, among other things, the consolidation of certain details that have led Thiene Castle to be defined as a Venetian palace on the mainland. One example is the chimneys with their typical "Venetian-style" shape, which undoubtedly recall what we normally see in the lagoon. Their particular shape, made famous in the world by Carpaccio's paintings, is due to the presence of the external mantle which has the function of protecting the embers from the wind and extinguishing them before they are dispersed on the roof.
Over the last 11 years, starting in 2010, work has been carried out on the main body of the Castle: "These are not simple operations," explains Giacomo di Thiene, architect and co-owner of the Castle, "as they require a careful study phase that ranges from research into archive documents to analysis of the materials and sampling of the interventions, which should be monitored over time before intervening definitively.
An example of recovery activity, which everyone can enjoy as they stroll through the centre of Thiene, are the 16th-century frescoed horses, located to the side of the east tower, which have returned to light thanks to a complex and costly intervention in 2015.
With this latest intervention, which has just been completed in 2021, it will once again be possible to admire the north façade in all its splendour and with its many windows, which dominates the historic park included, from pandemic onwards, in the visitors' itinerary.
the castle after restoration

the castle after restoration

the castle before the restoration

the castle before the restoration

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